Chirco Bros Paving is a full service professional asphalt paving contractor.

Our team possesses the knowledge, resources and experience to effectively provide our services to you. Prior to the commencement of any project we know the job from A to Z. A full inspection of the Pavement lot allows us to familiarize our team with the conditions of the property and to avoid any unwanted surprises, Once you receive our job proposal with a full description of a step by step process of how the project will be carried out and along with timelines and warranties you will have full trust in us to tackle the task at hand.

As one of Ontario’s premier Asphalt Paving contractor’s, we will use our state of the art equipment to get the job done right the first time in prompt, cost effective, hassle free manner and reassure you that when you choose Chirco Bros Paving you will be receiving the best asphalt paving services available.

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About Our Site Inspections

Our approach to every project is the same way, We will provide our customers with a complete inspection of the parking lot or any other pavement surface. Our in-depth inspections with cameras and measuring tools cover all pavement failures and damages. Catch basins, manholes, concrete curbs and sidewalks are all part of the inspection so you can be reassured nothing will go unnoticed.

After our inspection is complete we will then present you with a job proposal which Includes: a detailed scope of work along with pictures, site maps, timelines, phases and materials be used, Some proposals may contain different options to help give our client different alternatives on how to approach their project. Our projects managers will always be made available to answer any questions and to offer suggestions. Our site inspections will help protect the future of your pavement and concrete Investments and save you from future costs.


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